Black Arabian Horses
Schemel Stables

We take great pride in our beautiful, athletic, extremely tall, homozygous black Arabian Stallions, Blacklord Falkhann and Thee Titan.


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808 Forest Avenue
Perryville, Missouri 63775


Schemel Stables is located in the rolling hills of Southeast Missouri, an area that greatly resembles the Saxony area of Germany.  This area was settled in the early 1800's by the German and French immigrants who had a rich tradition in horse management.

Schemel Stables continues that tradition by selecting and using breeding stallions that exemplify the best qualities of their breed, by mare selection that will assure that the offspring will be genetically advanced over either parent, by tried-and-true training methods that enhance the natural qualities of a horse instead of abuse and mechanical methods that are only temporary, by dedicating our time to teach, train, educate, and show our guest and friends about the horse management tradition handed down to us. A heritage that we enjoy passing on to help make you and your horse "one".

We ship semen and we ship it when YOU need it.  Our shipments are according to your mare's needs, not our convenience.  We will board your mares if you prefer.

If you have an interest in what you see here, please contact us. You won't be disappointed. We feel that we have been greatly blessed in life: a wonderful marriage, great kids, and unbelievable grandkids (we have pictures). Our goal now is to share these blessings by helping you attain the horse you have always wanted.

        Rick and Claire 

Schemel Stables
808 Forest Avenue
Perryville, MO 63775

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