2009 Foals


See below our new, spectacular colts and fillies.  All are very beautiful with exceptional heads and tons of athleticism.



1. Titans Black Night, a gorgeous, tall, homozygous black colt (barn name:  "Jay"), was born on March 3, 2009..  He is personality plus with great movement and confidence.  He believes that he is King of the World and that everyone adores him.  We love that boy!  Please view his video and look at his dam's and sire's pedigrees.  Price $7,000
Video  Pedigree



2.  Falkhanns Krystal, a homozygous black filly with no white markings, was born on March 29, 2009.  She is feminine, has a long slender neck and a head to die for.  She is very tall, athletic and very sweet.  Please view her video and look at her dam's and sire's pedigrees.  Price $7,000.
Video  Pedigree

SOLD ....  MOVING TO China!



3.  Falkhann Princeton is a gorgeous, homozygous black Arabian colt with no white markings.  He was born on May 1, 2009.  He is truly drop-dead gorgeous, very tall, and has a high set, beautiful neck with a typey head. Princeton is only two years old...so we don't ride him for any length of time...but he is such a dream to ride.  He will steal your heart!
Video    Pedigree

SOLD ....  MOVING TO Qatar!



4.  Falkhanns Midnight is a homozygous black Arabian colt born on May 6, 2009.  This colt has a beautiful head with tippy ears!  He is very tall and quite the athlete!  His body is truly outstanding!  Price $7,000
Video   Pedigree


SOLD!  Moved to Canada!


5.  Falkhanns Surprise is a beautiful, black, Arabian filly that was born on May 13, 2009.  Her neck is long and elegant, her head is lovely, and she is healthy, athletic, gentle, and sugar-sweet!Unfortunately since she tested heterozygous black and not homozygous black, we are offering her at the reduced price of $3,500.
Video  Pedigree


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